- Our Mission -

To faciliate people to buy bus tickets online from their home.

-About Us-

Meroyatra.com.np is online ticket reservation systems where each individual can book his/her travel ticket as per their own requirement and desire. An individual can select their own choice of seat, pick a date to travel, choose their picking and dropping point with various options of vehicles and routes. We provide different types of buses categories like A/C Bus, VIP Bus, Super VIP Bus, night bus etc. All details that is related to traveling like fair details, seat availability, details of booking, bus details, bus amenities, etc. can be viewed easily by everyone.

-Why MeroYatra?-

1. Group of Experts
There are some online ticket reservation services started before but are not effective. They lack of a dedicated team. Only a fine system is hard to run if there are no field work team. Meroyatra is a group of technical team as well as the experienced bus operator team working together. We have 20 years of experiences working on this field.

2. Customer Care Center
Passenger buying tickets online are confused and feels difficulties finding their bus even at the last minute of travel. Seeing this problem, we will be providing customer care center for passenger so that they won’t get any difficulties for any kind of problems while travelling. They will be well served at those center. They can take rest, make themselves busy there by reading books, newspaper, using Wi-Fi, etc. other activities, have hot and cold drinks and many more.

3. Online Tickets and notifications
In case of loss of tickets, passengers should not worry. They can find their tickets online through our system or contact us to get a new ticket. We keep records of all passengers. Also in case of delay or cancellation of bus travel, the passengers are notified with SMS or email.

4. Reliable Technology
As we are concerned that seat reservation is consistent and we have very no point of failure with redundancy.

5. Multiple Choices
Passengers can reserve their seats on their requirements through our system. We have many operators working together. Many operators have different facilitated bus with high services. Passenger can choose their needs while traveling like breakfast, drinks, Wi-Fi, books etc. on bus.